The Souk of the Science Camp

In the presence of the creator of « Souk des Sciences », Hassan Bitar, the concept soukdessciencescomes from the scientific culture cell of the University of Aix-Marseille. The « Souk camp » is a warm and pleasant moment with « researchers » who live and study beside us every day. During the market, come share and experiment with them on a dozen of different topics !!!!

# Tanguy STOECKEL : Record bats with advanced equipment, high-speed camera, shooting at night.
# N+1 : The HI-WITH (How It Works In The Head?) workshop, A fun research from a thought process that allows to generate ideas and develop small theater presentations.
# David CHALLIER – APTACHROME : researcher ceramic processes, David invites you to a workshop of applied research for the development of pulp ceramics from land gathering.
# Catherine SAUSSOL : Traditional Chinese medicine is holistic and millennium. From the pulse of your wrist, you will discover what affects your health !
# Raymond AGNEL – Distillery AGNEL : Come see how distilling plants (lavender, rose flower,…) by extraction steam.
# Benoit and Emmanuel SUET – OPTICAL SUET : Eye to eye with an optician and a photographer, photo manipulation hardware and application of basic concepts of perception of the human eye.
# Jeremiah BARNAVOL – magnitudes : Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes… come with us to create these disasters without risk !!!
# Cyrille DAUMENS and young researchers from Jeanne d’Arc highschool : presentation and demonstration of their experimental design to address the dispersion of white light into all the colors of the rainbow sky.
# The Sirene Observatory : Discover the activities of the observatory located on a former « launch pad » of the Plateau d’Albion located at 1100m altitude.
# OKHRA : The science of color. Understand color by its different scientific approaches : physics, chemistry, biology, social sciences and humanities.
# Patrick DE MICHELE : APTA JULIA, the daily lives of our ancestors, invisible, yet is there in front of us, around us, under our feet, in the heart of the city of Apt.
# DYDLO and the Museum of Industrial Adventure : 3D printing workshop. Two statues erected in Apt dating from the Gallo-Roman period are currently in Chatsworth Castle (England). After a scan job in 2011, the city hosts a first reconstruction through 3D printing, with DYDLO. One way to combine technology and our heritage through an inclusive workshop.
# Regional Natural Park : In the shoes of a geologist, take shovels and brushes to participate in geological excavations and find fossils: trilobites from the primary era, jaws of dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era, remnants of a tropical forest, aged 300 million years…

# Also : creative writing and visual arts, and discovery of the geology museum.