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# The shows :

« Fromage de tête » or Cheese Head
All individuals undertake research. Facing great mysteries, they try to understand. How does it works in their heads? « Cheese Head » takes the mental space and its representations as the subject of representation. How does it work when we doubt, when we imagine, when you turn around an idea? These phenomena are staged as the workings of the mind, both singular and collective, AC or DC, motionless or moving.

« L’apéro Mathématiques »
The mathematics ‘aperitif’ utilizes circulation and combinatorics, created with researchers in mathematics. Mathematicians are questioned. One invents others. One records their conversations. These conversations are rephrased and broadcast through cable and screens. Blackboards are built and  formulas written and then this question asked : if we could « set foot » in the space that these researchers have in their heads when they do mathematics, what it  might look like?

« Le t de n-1 »
This show tries to unravel the mystery that connects man, things and mathematics. Everything is subject to be modeled in equation. It will thus be appreciated by the level of admiration that everyone can devote to the imbalance.

« Le t gricole »
This piece was produced by the artists of n+1 with the help of students and teachers from six agricultural colleges in central France. Together they produced a documentary on the history, dreams and prospects of farmers in this region. From personal accounts, they invented the personage of Peter Calon, a farmer of Preuilly-sur-Claise, Indre-et-Loire. One asked him questions and he turns around, gradually switches on. On the stage, we are in his head, in the head of Peter Calon.


# The « impromptus scientifiques » :

- The scapegoat in Pandora’s box : associated scientist, Patrick de Michele, archeologist, at the heart of the excavations of the Roman past of the city of Apt.
- In Search of the Invisible : associated scientist, Ignacio Roche, CNRS engineer, with some scientific experiments of underground laboratory Rustrel, how to find the intangible.
- The discovery of exoplanets : associated scientist, Guillaume Hébrard astrophysicist – it was in Saint-Michel-Observatoire that the first exoplanet was detected, did you know?
- The ice as a metaphor for exile : associated scientist, Maurine Montagnat, glaciologist – scientific research as a field of exploration for an artist.
- When neurons applaud : associated scientist, Antoine Depaulis neuroscientist – when neurons set the pace, what role plays the brain ?

« Scientists Impromptus » are original short shows derived of the encounter between a researcher and the artists of the N+1 group and the Vélo Théâtre.

- Mapping languages : associated scientist, Amedeo Napoli, computer engineer. The secrets of classification and data mining.
- This is not a pizza : associated scientist, Amal Chabli, CEA engineer. When we look at nanometric level, we see the world differently, of course.
- Mathematics and time : associated scientist, Thierry Barbot, mathematician. Suppose that the universe is its own mother. So thanks to mathematics, one can travel through time.
- Nebulae : associated scientist, Pierre Hily-Blant, astrophysicist. To witness the birth of a star, it would be in the heart of a molecular cloud. Not so obvious… And if you could ? And if we go there ? How it would be ?
- The music of the brain : associated scientist, Guy Dumont, Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Grey matter is anything but dumb. Through the analysis of electroencephalographic brain activity, one can hear his brain singing.


# Human Sciences :

The Democracy and us daily ?
Moderated by Christian Maurel, Sociologist, Volkshochschule, Aix-en-Provence, this topic is organized by the MJC of Apt within the science camp.

La conférence gesticulée or the “gesticulated conference”
This conference is a mixing stage form of « Cold knowledge » (explaining a « state of affairs » of a subject, from an outside perspective), the lifestories of lecturers relative to this subject, humor, self-deprecating and a political purpose. We have to take the time to pick up of matter on each of these strings and then to weave them together.


# 3D Printing :

MJC renamed « House of Young Researchers » during the science camp opens a 3D printing lab. Uto and Gilloz Emanuel, designer of the 3D printer FoldaRap, invite you for an assembly workshop of the 3D printer. The lab is open from September 15 at MJC for a first discovery session open to all !


# The « Bistrot des Sciences agricoles » :

This event, whose main theme is related to the agricultural world, meets farmers who will speak about how they work and how they relate with the living. Guest : Peter LIEUTAGUI ethnobotanist and writer, who created the Priory of « Our Lady of Salagon », Alpes de Haute Provence, an ethnobotanical garden, conservatory of the plants or herbs which are used daily.


# Film : How I hated math !!! :

aff-filmMathematics equals nightmares. You have always thought to be zero in mathematics was inevitable. In short, you’ve always hated math ! But math is everywhere !! Algorithms and mathematical formulas seem to control the world around us. How did math get to suffer such disaffection even as they rule the world ? Through a journey around the world with the greatest mathematicians (including Cédric Villani, Fields Medal 2010), this film tells us how mathematics has changed our world for the better… and sometimes for worse. Followed by a debate with scientists and artists.


# The Souk of the Science Camp.