Science Camp :

an innovative and creative project inviting the public to discover of world of research.

By the Vélo-Théâtre and the N+1 group of the Ateliers du Spectacle


The questions, hypothesis, and inventions that are at the center of research activities, one must examine the researchers themselves. We often wonder about what is going on in a researcher’s head. Scientists are seen as creatures apart, with whom it seems difficult to establish a dialogue. How do their minds work, can we imagine how they confront their doubts, what do they imagine, and how is it they arrive at their ideas ?
The science camp consists of several different events and is supported by associations and institutions. Part of an interdisciplinary scientific environment, it involves local researchers and scientists from various scientific centers. It takes place also within the overall cultural project of the county and interacts with the high schools through workshops on the processes used in research and development in science. The same type of workshop is presented for public education and understanding.


# Description of each proposed type of events.

# The Souk of the Science Camp.